Additional Wedding Day Hours

Additional Hours

Hours are a major factor when considering our wedding packages. A few couples only need the eight hours provided in the Highlight Packages. For a lot of couples, the nine hours offered in the Short Film Package are just right. And some couples need the ten hours in the Feature Package to capture everything they're wanting to relive. That being said, sometimes you'll want to add an hour to a lower package, or even add on to the ten hours in the feature package if there are events we just can't miss. 

$200 / additional hour

Ceremony and Reception Package Upgrade

Multi-Camera Ceremony and Reception Events

The Highlight and Short Film packages come with "raw" full-length videos of your ceremony and reception events (The Highlight package does not include the reception events video). This means that, while your Highlight or Short Film contain multiple angles from these events, the full-length video will only show a single angle. The Feature Film package gives you these videos "edited". This means that when watching your entire ceremony and reception events, the video will cut to different angles as the video plays on. Think of any event you watch on TV. This add-on allows you to upgrade the Highlight or Short Film package to include the "edited" version of these events.


Wedding Video Teaser Trailer


This one-minute cinematic video arrives sooner than your Highlight, Short, or Feature Film. It's a teaser trailer that gets friends and family excited for the final film. Share it on Instagram and Facebook!


Fast Wedding Video Delivery Icon

Expedited Editing

We deliver all films within five months of your wedding. Typically a film will arrive between three and four months after the event. If this isn't fast enough, you can move you film toward the front of the queue with expedited editing!

Two Months $200 / One Month $500

Raw Footage Upgrade Icon

Raw Footage

If you would like to see every single shot that was taken on your wedding day, you may be interested in getting your raw footage. We want to make sure you understand what you would be getting before purchasing this item. Most shots from your day are setup shots or "first, second, and third tries" for a shot that ends up in your cinematic video. This is especially true with the Feature Film Package, which includes 9-11 minutes of the best shots we got from your day. You also will already have all the moments from your ceremony and reception events videos (reception events video not included in Highlight Package). That is all to say that we don't generally recommend getting raw footage. It's a lot of empty space with unsuccessful versions of the great shots that end up in your cinematic film. However, if you want the potential of seeing some more memborable moments of the morning prep and evening reception, then you can certainly purchase the footage. It will come on a USB, separated into categories based on your day. You can easily scrub through each of the nearly hour-long video compilations. There is usually about six hours of total footage, much of which is the same event from different angles.