Ian and Sarah

Ian and Sarah's wedding day is going down in the books for me.   I met Sarah and Ian through their wedding planner at Naturally Yours Events, and we hit it off from the git-go.  We all enjoyed Fantasy Football, old-school Nintendo, and Wes Anderson (well, Ian's not as crazy about him, but I'll forgive him this once).  

Here's a couple of things I loved about Sarah and Ian's day;

1) Downtown Chicago.  As always, I enjoyed every minute of it. 

2) The photographer - we met the talented Liz Lui during this shoot, and she has become one of our favorite Chicago photographers.  She's exceptionally skillful and so easy to work with.  Not to mention she was the one that guided us all over Chicago and introduced us to a couple of cool spots.

3) The couple.  Hilarious. Charming. In love.  These guys were so fun to film and we felt like we were all old pals by the end of the day.  

4) Everybody was speaking Polish.  It was awesome.

Hope you all enjoy the film :)



David Sheets

Old North Film Company, 4028 W Irving Park Rd, Loft B, Chicago, IL 60641, United States