Natalie and Bobby

What makes a great day of filming for a wedding cinematographer.
1. A kind, generous, and an in love bride and groom... double check!
2. Photography team that you jive perfectly with... check!
3. A rebound from a stormy morning to ending in a gorgeous afternoon... check!

Natalie and Bobby pulled off a wedding day that I won't soon forget. These two read their personal vows to each other during their first look. Their loving words to each other made me remember why I love wedding so much — two in love people committing their whole self and whole lives to each other.

I can't say thank you enough to Natalie, Bobby, and their entire big family who treated Dom and I with such hospitality and warmth!

Also, I can't wait for J Elizabeth Photography to work with us in the Chicago area again!

- Brandon

David Sheets

Old North Film Company, 4028 W Irving Park Rd, Loft B, Chicago, IL 60641, United States