Vanessa and Rene

Man. These two.

I had the greatest time getting to know these two over some coffee in Andersonville. I related to each of them individually on some pretty cool levels. Vanessa is exploring photography which is a side hobby for me and Rene is big on the Marvel Universe plus loves his craft beer... Like I said. These two. Killing it.

This is one of those weddings where you could see the love between these two. Once we got to the ceremony and V+N read their vows, I really got to feel the depths of their love for each other. They go way back and have experienced a lot together. And whenever you have someone alongside you through the trial and tribulations, your love for that person goes deeper beyond words. 

Okay. Enough mush from me.

So these guys are killer salsa dancers! It actually was a part of the initial spark of their relationship. Never heard that one before, but it definitely is a super fun story. Their reception had some of the best dancing that I've ever seen! Vanessa's family basically salsa dances every family party, so I was definitely impressed with the moves busted out from all ages on the floor.

V + N, congrats you two. And all my best goes out to you both as you live as one for the rest o your days.


David Sheets

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