What to look for in a Wedding Videographer

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Vendor Collaboration

This is so important. Most couples don’t consider how their photographer and videographer work together. These two creative vendors can end up “competing” for good shots the entire day. Your videographers should know how meaningful this is. They need to have the experience and etiquette to help themselves AND the photographers give you the exceptional work you invested in.

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Down-to-Earth Personality

You are going to be spending all of the most important day of your life with your videographers. The idea is that you don’t notice them or need to think about them, but that doesn’t mean you'll never interact. Make sure you’re interactions with the company don’t feel... weird. 

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Number of Hours

Make sure your videographers are clear about how long they will be at your wedding. Work with them to find the best time for arrival and departure. Most couples want a little bit of preparations at the beginning of the day, and a little bit of dancing at the end.

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Videography companies should deal with contracts, payments, questionnaires, etc. in a way that makes you feel comfortable with your investment. If you don’t feel comfortable handing your money over- don’t. 

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Cinematic Quality

The wedding industry and technology have changed, and now you can have wedding videos that look like movies. But most companies still don’t have the skills, equipment, or taste to pull this off. Find a company that has done it time and time again.

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Your videographers can talk all they want about how great your video will be, but if they don’t have the portfolio to back it up, don’t risk it.

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Most videographers have good ratings. If they don’t, read some of the negative reviews, as well as the companies' responses to those reviews. If they do have stellar reviews, realize that different couples have different expectations. One five-star company is not as good as the next. Make sure the company’s videos AND the ratings meet your expectations.

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Travel Fees

Some videographers travel further than others. Ask about travel fees. (Old North only charges travel for locations more than two hours away.)