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What are your packages and pricing?

Pricing and packages can be found in the "pricing" tab. 

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How many weddings have you shot?

Our team has shot about 200 weddings and we plan on shooting hundreds more!

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How long do you need to be there?

It's best if we arrive at least one hour before the bride puts on her dress, and if we leave a half hour after the dance floor opens. (More hours can be added to any package!)

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Who will be at my wedding?

You will have two videographers at your wedding. Everyone on the team is super talented and fun to hang out with. We're all friends! 

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Do you pick the music?

Yes we do. We pay to copyright music from several sites. Most popular songs cannot be legally licensed for a reasonable price. If desired, you can look through the websites we use and let us know what you like. 

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What equipment do you use?

After being in the industry for several years, we consider our equipment top-of-the-line. Without getting into nerdy specifics, our cameras are small enough to be inconspicuous and powerful enough to capture high quality color and clarity.

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How do you capture sound?

We put a small mic on the groom during the ceremony. During the reception, we plug into the DJ's system. (Confirm with your DJ if you want to be sure!) We always have a backup mic during the ceremony and reception. 

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Do you work well with other vendors?

We pride ourselves in having awesome relationships with the vendors we've worked with. Photo and video have to work well alongside one another, and we make sure we do our part. 

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When will I get my videos?

Depending on the time of year, you will receive your videos 2-5 months after the wedding day. Not fast enough? You can get expedited editing as an add-on!

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Do we need to feed you?

We do ask that you provide a meal for us at the reception. It is also very much appreciated if our team is able to share lunch with the rest of the bridal party. However, that's not required. 

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What's the difference between videographers and cinematographers?

Short answer? Nothing. Wedding videography companies sometimes use the title "cinematographer" to denote a cinematic (i.e. movie-like) style in their videos. But the reality is, most wedding videography companies strive to create cinematic films. "Videography" is simply the more widely-used term, so that's why we use it.

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What is "simple" vs "advanced" ceremony and reception videos?

On the pricing and packaging pdf, "ceremony (simple edit)" represents a video of your ceremony from start to finish, shown from a single angle. "Ceremony (advanced edit)" refers to a video of your ceremony from start to finish that cuts between multiple angles throughout. The same difference applies to simple or advanced edits of your speeches, special dances, or additional reception events. These videos are separate from your cinematic video, which will contain multiple angles of every event throughout your day, regardless of which package you choose. Still confused? That's okay. Let us know!